My Good Brothers,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for investing me with your trust and confidence this year. The unwavering support, advice and mentorship I’ve encountered since I became an officer has only served to reinforce my belief that our beloved fraternity is truly the crucible of the Best of Men.
My theme for the year will be Masonic education, and I have several programs planned throughout that I hope will speak to the interests of all brothers, new and veteran alike. Let’s all take some time to learn from one another, discover some interesting historical aspects of the order, and improve our ritual proficiency. ‘Making good men better’ refers not just to character or deed, but also to knowledge.
We have quite a few fun events and activities lined up as well. I plan on continuing Worshipful Brother Hal’s newly-minted tradition of conferring the outdoor Civil War EA Degree. Also on tap are Masonic range days and fellowship nights scheduled throughout the summer months.
Being a father of two young boys, and with many of our brothers in like circumstances, I will be endeavoring to make our less public events inclusive of children and families. Our loved ones are so supportive of our involvement with the lodge; let’s introduce them to our Masonic extended family and show them how appreciative we are.
Lastly, I am always open to suggestions from the craft on how to improve this year’s events and degrees. Please contact me anytime!

Fraternally Yours,
WB Ken Tarwood ∴

Master’s Message – Winter 2019

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