A word from Worshipful Master Ken Tarwood:

Most Worshipful Brothers, Right Worshipful Brothers, Worshipful Brothers, Guests, Friends and Brothers All: Good Evening!

It is with great pleasure, humility, and perhaps not a small measure of nervousness that I address you all this evening as Master of Harmony Lodge No. 42 A.F & A.M. for its 223rd year of continuous service to the Craft and our community.
I first wish to thank the officers and brethren of this historic lodge for reposing their trust and confidence in me. We have much to accomplish together this year, brethren. Many of you have already pledged your support and assistance in organizing some of our many programs for the coming year, and for that I am deeply grateful.
I’d also like to thank my wonderful family for their support and indulgence in my involvement with the Craft. Especially my beautiful wife Emily, my sons, Riley & Rory, and my mother Diane, all of whom have graciously taken the time to be here for me this evening.
It would be near impossible to list the many Brethren who deserve my thanks since the beginning of my Masonic career, but I’d especially like to recognize a few who have joined us here tonight:
Bro. Larry Brandolini, my neighbor and the catalyst to my petitioning Harmony Lodge, and whose insistence on word-perfect recitation of lectures sparked a love of ritual, and inspired me to learn new parts in our degrees and constantly strive to refine my delivery.
WB Hal Elwell whom I followed through the progressive officer line and who has always given freely of his time to teach me about the more nuanced responsibilities of each office. His leadership over the previous year constitutes an incredibly tough act to follow, and I’m sure he is quietly relieved that tonight’s installation has taken place so that he may finally enjoy his retirement as a Past Master.
Bro. Bob Dorr, our Historian, who worked diligently to procure an exact replica of our first Worshipful Master’s hat which I am proud to be wearing this evening.
MWB Kenneth Hawkins, who has asked through his son once a month on average since I became Junior Steward when my installation as Master would take place so that he could ensure his attendance; the day has finally come, my brother, and it is an honor to have you join us this evening.
His son and my good friend and colleague, Bro. Mitch Hawkins, who somehow never managed to get sick of me knocking on his office door to go over ritual work before a degree night. You have the patience of a saint, my friend. Thank you for all of your help.
And to the innumerable other brethren who have offered their guidance, kind advice and direction over the past eight years, I heartily thank you.
My focus over the coming year will be Masonic education, and to that end I am working to arrange at least one educational program per quarter thanks to several volunteers among the Craft. I am also working to make more of our events inclusive of our children and families so that they may learn more about our good works, and join in the fun that we share. Speaking of fun, we have no shortage of fellowship opportunities on tap for 2019, including Masonic range days, brewery trips, archery tag and an escape room outing. I am also proud to be continuing our new tradition of conferring a Civil War-themed outdoor Entered Apprentice degree over the summer.
Most importantly, I’d like to reiterate WB Hal’s frequent sentiment that this lodge belongs to the Craft. I am here to lead, facilitate and plan, but the inspiration behind what we do must always be carried by your voice. Please take a look at the calendar of events posted about the lodge and on our website, and see or contact me anytime if you have an idea for a program, event or charitable project.
Lastly, thank you all for attending and making this evening so special for all of us!

Yours in Brotherhood,
WB Ken Tarwood ∴
Master, Harmony Lodge #42, A.F. & A. M.